Our terms of service are as follows:

We want you to join in the coaching experience. You have been looking for this resource and we do not want to delay you any longer.  And in order for you to feel comfortable with your decision, we are going to take away any financial risk you may perceive.

If after participating fully (joining all calls and doing the work asked of you), you do not agree that the process of coaching is worth every penny of the price you paid just let me know anytime within the first 30 days of your coaching experience and we will promptly make arrangements to refund your charge card for the amount remaining on your agreement.  You will still be charged for one month of coaching.

This program is about you taking positive action to develop a powerful foundation on which to simplify and manage your life. If you participate fully, you'll get the kind of results outlined. If you do not show up for the calls or follow through on the commitments we’ve made together, the only guarantee is that it will not work for you!



The information, services or products from this site are not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. Please see a medical professional if you need help with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction or have any other mental health or physical concerns whatsoever.


Testimonials and client reviews are true and accurate. However, these statements or examples and should not be viewed as promises or guarantees. Results vary with each individual and I cannot guarantee that you will experience similar results as other clients. Each person is different and one person’s success is no guarantee of the same results for everyone as results are affected by a number of factors over which I have no control.