" Denise Vargas is the ideal person to help clients achieve their goals. She brings years of experience in how to overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in your life to achieve optimum success and happiness. She has had to adapt to life in an able-bodied world as a person with a disability. The tenacity, creativity, and resourcefulness that it has taken for her to launch her own business is something she readily shares. Denise has a sincere desire to help people, which shines through the moment you speak with her. I met her as a colleague but today happy and proud to have her as a friend."


                                                                                                                   -Claudia Poglianich

" Denise is a warm and compassionate coach. A great listener.  She is kind and professional, and keeps me accountable without judgment. She is energizing! Time passes quickly during our sessions. I come away from each session with greater insight and enthusiasm to push forward toward my goals. I highly recommend Denise Vargas as a life coach."


-Amy Colgan-Niemeyer

" Denise Vargas is not only a bright and talented coach but she is a kind and loving soul. Her commitment to your success is palpable as she listens deeply, gracefully holds up the mirror to help you see your greatness and challenges you to live your best life. Having Denise as your coach will be the best gift you ever give to yourself."


                                                                         -Jennifer Powers, MCC

" Since I’ve started  working with Denise, my confidence has increased significantly as a result, and I feel like I’m accomplishing my goals.  Denise is patient and understanding. She offers great and very valuable insight to help guide me through my issues. 


One of the biggest impacts that coaching has had on me is that it’s opened my eyes to discover a true passion of mine through several exercises and self-reflection, I have rediscovered my calling. I have also seen things, particularly my limiting beliefs in a different light. All these things have helped with my self-growth and allowed me to love myself more. I feel like I’m heading on the right path towards accomplishing my true greatness."


-K W.