A Life Coach vs. A Consultant

  • Consultants advise their clients about how to solve problems

  • Life Coaches guide their clients to their own solutions

  • Consultants are focused on the end results

  • Life Coaches are focused on people first and foremost

  • Consultants are hired to produce a certain outcome

  • Life Coaches are hired to support the client as they achieve a certain outcome

A Life Coach vs. A Therapist

  • Therapists work with patients that need or want professional help to work towards healing, recovery, and issue resolution


  • Life Coaches work with clients who want a detached partner to help them enhance their lives through action in a co-creative manner


  • Therapists are experts in medical and behavioral sciences trained to treat and diagnose conditions


  • Life Coaches use questions and reflection to highlight their client’s strengths and areas in need of development and then help the client uncover their own wisdom and solutions


  • Therapists are required to keep their personal feelings and thoughts removed


  • Life Coaches may sometimes use a personal story to encourage their clients


  • Therapists usually focus on the past

  • Life Coaches focus on the present and the future