Denise Vargas is a lifestyle coach who strategizes with people who are overwhelmed with life’s challenges, who are filled with self-doubt, and who feel they are missing out on so many opportunities.

Denise helps people dream bigger and learn to see themselves in a life they never thought possible.


They discover they can create a life and work that has meaning and purpose, and never miss out on an opportunity again. 

Denise is a certified life coach through Coach Training Alliance.


She has been coaching for several years helping people see life from a different perspective.

As a person with a disability, she has learned to live creatively and do things differently to ultimately get the results she wanted in life.

Denise has never taken no for an answer. In fact, she will work through a challenge just to prove to someone that it CAN be done... she just has to tweak it to work for her.

While Denise inspires people... the world, and those living and loving life is what truly inspires Denise.

Denise became a life coach to help others be their own inspiration--to take a deep look at their life, and live creatively to make their dreams come true.

Denise’s passion and purpose in life have always been to help people overcome challenges and become empowered so that they can find their passion and purpose to live their best life by their own design.

Outside of her passion for coaching and helping people dream big, Denise loves the sun, Summer is her favorite season. She also loves sunsets and is a night owl. She loves movies and documentaries.She loves getting together for a game night or movie night. Great food, great wine, and great friends… is the making of a great life!

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