Empower Me


Top Reasons Why A Person Needs A Life Coach


  • A Life Coach Will Hold Their Client Accountable: Without being held accountable it’s easy for us to break our commitment to ourselves to create the change we desire. 

  • A Life Coach Helps Us Discover Our Purpose And Passions: Without knowing what we want out of life, we are stuck in an undesirable path and have no idea of which journey will lead us to our destiny.

  • A Life Coach Provides Unconditional Support: Without a support system in our lives, we feel feel alone. We all need someone who will not judge us. But rather motivate us and help us see that we DO have value in this world.

  • A Life Coach Gets You Results: When you KNOW what you want and have a plan in place to get there, the possibilities are infinite.

While hiring a life coach has immense value, many cannot afford to do so. Many live at or below poverty level. Yet, the irony, is that IF given the chance, people CAN find a way out of the situation they are in and RISE ABOVE.

That is why I created the Empower Me Fund. You can provide the gift of EMPOWERMENT.


This gift comes in the form of a one-on-one three month coaching package and includes:


  • Four 60 minute sessions per month (for 6 months)

  • Unlimited online coaching (during the 6 month period)

  • Discovery Tools

  • Resources

  • Accountability

Total Cost To Empower Someone $2500

I ask that you please consider sponsoring those in need and help them find their PASSION and PURPOSE, to live life to their fullest potential. To help them overcome their life's challenges and become empowered.

Your legacy will be to help them leave theirs.

Thank you in advance for your most generous heartfelt gift.

Live Creatively Inc. is a for-profit entity and your gift may NOT be tax deductible. Please consult with an accountant for any tax related questions.